Benefits From Development Of Industrial Recycling



The recycling of household waste, industrial, medical ... from sources all over the country are now being made by the retail establishments, scattered, outdated treatment technology; almost no wastewater treatment system, exhaust treatment. These facilities are mainly located in mixed residential areas, polluting the air, soil and water in the environment.

Papermaking raw materials mainly from planted wood. To produce 1 ton of pulp, we need 2.8 to 3 m3 of wood harvested from acacia trees and planting time can exploit takes 5- 7 years. Because exploited timber from plantations limited, in recent years the paper industry has used scrap Vietnam replaced wood. However, scrap paper in Vietnam only meet 20% of demand for raw materials for paper production, while the rest is imported. Businesses in the paper industry in addition to purchasing waste paper recycling in service, also have to import waste paper from the United States, Japan, Korea, Singapore and African countries.

Scrap recycling industry in the United States each year bring in revenues of over 90 billion dollars, in China brought about several billion dollars. It will not only bring economic benefits but also protect the environment. Scrap recycling industry development will be the supply of input materials for other industries such as paper, plastic, metal, glass ...

In developed countries, the association of the enterprises specializing in the collection and sorting of scrap very professional operation. These businesses provide a stable source of scrap materials for the world market. Collection and recycling scrap metal industry is highly developed in countries such as the US, China, ... The industry always brings higher sales and profits regardless of the economic situation increased or decreased.


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