Certificate Of Quality Management System



     Aware of importance of quality, is an important condition, competitive advantage, determining the existence and development, from the end of 2013, leaders of Miza corporation had planned and decided Miza to implement the application of advanced management tools in the world for its production process.

     The building, complete workflow system, document control, ensuring product quality and service is always top priority of Company. Aiming to improve product quality, increase competition and improve the company's position in Kraft paper industry in particular and Vietnam in general paper. In particular, is proving transparency in the operations of the Company for customers.

     A long time, with the efforts of all officials and employees of the Company, dated 07.29.2015, the quality management system of Miza corporation was certified standards ISO 9001: 2008 certification by the Centre accordingly (QUACERT).

     Mr. Nguyen Tuan Minh, CEO of Miza corporation, said: "We are very pleased to achieve this certification, which demonstrates the company's activities in accordance with proposed mission: "Desire to build construction of the new platform in the field of value production: give priority to developing human resources, building company culture, quality indicators and indicators of production efficiency. Efficient use of resources combined with environmental protection, construction of a paper mill green - clean - beautiful ".

     "The achievement of ISO 9001: 2008 with our new beginning, which the company is interested in bringing practical effect, therefore, each employee working in Miza was communicated to understand the benefits of ISO, see the development and implementation of ISO's compliance with rights and responsibilities. The monitoring of the implementation of the process will have a very important role and company leaders determined to do well. I believe this to have been the result and the consensus from the leadership to every employee, make sure Miza Corporation will increasingly grow in the future. "


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