Materials From Waste



With the bearing capacity than a few hundred kilograms, recycled paper can replace wooden pallets used for export, or as doors, soundproof walls, furniture, ...

Recycled paper fibers are cut, then mixed with other ingredients, then freezing, thawing and drying. The stages are not too complicated on was a group of students HCMC University of Industry creativity to recycle waste paper into a porous material capable of absorbing oil volume 17 times its weight . This invention further research is expected to contribute to tackle oil spill, caused the deaths of millions of sea creatures every year.

In the US, recycling is considered the industry development, creating jobs for more than 460,000 people and earned profits equal to the extent that all the professional sports of this country earn. In Asia, few know that the active economic zones in Incheon, where the international airport is also well known to the complex the largest waste treatment in Korea. Or Odaiba island in Japan is huge landfills, renovated and planting became a beautiful artificial island. This is to see, in the developed countries, recycling industry has long been in parallel with the economy and become a factor of the cycle of natural resources.

Exciting waste recycling

To evaluate the effectiveness of the recycling industry, need to consider the inputs of the solid waste sector. In Vietnam, the amount of solid waste in urban areas in 2015 is estimated at 20 million tonnes. Of these, most are rubbish backlog in open landfills or improperly landfilled, leading to water pollution and soil environment.

At the macro level, many of the State's policy in recent years showing the concentration of waste treatment. Besides reaching target utilization rate at 85% of waste by 2020, a series of policies enacted in recent years is attracting the attention of the investment business sector "which co" is. For example, the Prime Minister has forced manufacturers should be responsible for the recovery and processing of electronic products discarded. Incentives or corporate income tax for environmental protection activities applied from 2016, is also encouraging businesses to invest more attention to the environment and industries which are considered to be capital high investment, low profits.

Recycled products market has been welcomed?

Overall the recycling industry is more interested investors. But whether these efforts have been welcomed market? The answer is yes, but need more time.

In the packaging industry, previously only used recycled paper to produce paper bags or cartons. Currently, many commercial applications and architectures are being developed from the type of paper it seemed less utility.

Evaluation of demand, Nguyen Tuan Minh, general director of JSC Miza, said every day, now produces more than 3 tons of paper made from recycled materials to meet domestic demand. Paper packaging industry has saturated the idea, but this new development is brought about 5-10% profit for the manufacturer and is forecast to grow sustainably in the future.

While there is growing massively, but there are signs of positive changes in both the input and output of the recycling industry are getting reliance and concern from investors in the near future.



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