Recycle Paper activities in Vietnam



     Paper was used is the main materials for the development of paper industry in the country.

    In Vietnam, the percentage of recovered paper used compared to total paper consumption is only at about 25%, very low compared to other countries in the region. The production facilities of large-scale purchase psychological popular imported recovered paper because higher efficiency target in time and cost because the invoice value added when importing goods. Meanwhile, how to legalize the production costs for the purchase of waste paper collection complex in the country, intricate work that revocation is no progress in the country.

      Sources used paper in the country

    Used paper from many sources, include: households, schools, organizations, companies, factories, supermarkets, shops, railway stations, bus stations , airport ... Used paper has two types: recyclable and non-recyclable. These types of paper can not be recycled include: thermal paper, paper adhesive, tape, transparent paper (for presentations), carbon paper, cellophane, plastic or wax coated paper, milk cartons or drinks refreshments, candy wrappers, lunch boxes, cups and paper plates, paper towels, wipes used, paper coatings, paper chemicals or food ...

    Collectors, imports accounted for 50% of used paper

    The rate of used paper recovered in the country only reached 25% of the total consumption of paper. Compared to 50% of raw materials for paper production from recycled paper, Vietnam has import a large amount of used paper from foreign. This is the main raw material for paper production in Vietnam.

     Overall, the quality of the used paper imported from foreign countries were higher than domestic paper. If not standard import regulations, businesses often have trouble in handling the shipment. For example, businesses are forced to obey the order of the customs inspection and themselves bear the cost of goods loaded or unloaded in a container. Many cases have to take samples to test for assessment of impurity ... To avoid damage 15%- 35% import shipment value, businesses must choose security solutions is imports of used paper reaches standard.

     In Decision No. 07/2007 / QD-BCN 30-1-2007 of the Ministry of Industry (now the Ministry of Industry and Trade), planning to adjust development of Vietnam's paper industry up to 2010, vision 2020 is built paper material zones meet the demand for raw materials supply for production. Specifically, the goal by 2010, paper materials meet to produce 600,000 tonnes and 1,380,000 tonnes of paper pulp. 2020, paper materials meet production 1,800,000 tons and 3,600,000 tons of paper pulp. The rate of collection of used paper if the increase will contribute greatly to the completion of the development goals the paper industry in our country.


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